The Interviewees

Trip Adler – Founder of Scribd

Mike Butcher – European Editor of Techcrunch

Carter Cleveland – Founder of

Leah Culver – Founder of Grove

Tim Draper – VC and partner at Draper Fisher Jurvetson

Drew Houston – Founder of Dropbox

Zach Klein – Founder of Vimeo

Loic Le Meur – Founder of Seesmic and LeWeb

Ping Li – VC and partner at Accel Partners

Alexander Ljung – Founder of Soundcloud

James Lindenbaum – Founder of Heroku

Morten Lund – Early investor in Skype

Jessica Mah – Founder of Indinero

Kristian Segerstrale – Founder of Playfish

MG Siegler – VC, partner at CrunchFund and a columnist.

Ben Tompkins – Investor at Eden Ventures

Ben Way – Founder of Rainmakers

Hermione Way – Founder of Newspepper and Video Director for the Next Web

Brian Wong – Founder of Kiip

Sam Lessin – Founder of, currently Product Manager at Facebook

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